How Buying Reptiles For Sale Can Change Your Life

Purchasing reptiles for sale marks the beginning of a journey of challenges and development for both the reptile pets and their owners. Whether it’s lizards, ball pythons, or baby tortoises, choosing from the many available reptiles for sale can reap incredible rewards.

Owning an animal of any sort, regardless of whether or not it’s a reptile, will come with its phase of adaptation. Just because reptiles aren’t the conventional pet, however, doesn’t mean they won’t make worthy companions. If the opportunity to own a reptile ever presents itself to you, take the chance and learn a thing or two!

Here’s how buying reptiles for sale can change your life and the best reptiles for sale to consider.

They’ll change your perspective. If you’ve never owned reptile pets because you preferred the furry and cuddly pets instead, you’re in for a sweet surprise. You may be amazed to find just how affectionate and full of personality reptile pets can actually be. Under the right temperature and in the appropriate setting, reptiles will thrive and offer you unique entertainment and a newfound – and lasting – appreciation for reptiles. Getting to know reptiles as pets changes your perception of reptiles and makes them easier to love.

You’ll become obsessed. Have you ever met a reptile owner who wasn’t a little obsessed with their reptile? Of course you haven’t! That’s because humans tend to form a unique bond with reptiles. Although it’s yet to be proven that reptiles can actually love us, you can tell from their behavior when they’re comfortable and more than tolerant of you. It takes patience and time, but once you get a handle on keeping a reptile and develop that mutual understanding, you’ll want more!

They’ll teach you more than expected. As I mentioned previously, patience is something a reptile will definitely teach you. Since most need time to adjust to their new surroundings and the way you handle them, it’s important to give your reptile enough time to get comfortable. Discipline can come from owning any animal but reptiles, specifically, need the right type of diet and environment (heat, humidity, light, etc.) to thrive. Also, by having to set up the enclosure yourself, you gain an appreciation for the animal’s connection to survival with nature.

The Best Reptile Pets To Own
When shopping around for pet reptiles, you may become overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few suggestions. Ball pythons for sale come in countless morphs. If you’re looking for something that’s unique, low-maintenance, and great for beginners- any of the ball pythons for sale are a great option. Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t have to be an expert snake handler to own a snake. All you need is a lot of research and the willingness to take on a fun challenge.

You can find lizards for sale for people of all experience levels but the bearded dragon is hands down one of the most popular. Their curious and playful nature helps new owners gain confidence with handling and feeding, quickly. Then again, they can also keep more experienced owners entertained. Iguanas can be great reptile pets, too, but should be left for the more experienced handlers.

If you have the space for it, find yourself a tortoise for sale and gain a lifetime companion. Tortoises are known for their longevity and when kept happy and healthy, a tortoise truly can live for hundreds of years. Whether you buy a full grown or baby tortoise for sale, you’ll find that these reptiles are the perfect companion, each with a personality all their own.

Once you know which reptile suits you and your family best, start doing as much research as possible about its needs. Learn its temperature and heating requirements, its usual diet, and whether or not it should get frequent handling. Once you’re finally a reptile owner, you’ll realize why so many people can’t get enough. Reptile owners are in a category all their own surrounded by scaly, exotic animals, and they know more than anyone how great it can be to own reptiles. Some might even call it life-changing.

Insight Into Promoting/Marketing African Animation

Africa is a continent rich with folklore and art. In recent times, a lot of art has been translated into media works. It has filled day to day life and ultimately influences the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the music we listen to. Animation too has been influenced by cultures and cultural beliefs. From American Marvel, to Japanese manga and the European fusion.

The African film industry has grown exponentially and has built a name for itself worldwide. We all know Nollywood. Even if we have not watched the movies, they are played on our TV channels, in our cinemas and advertised on our billboards. It has opened a window into modern Nigeria, Ghana and various other African countries.

But, what has happened to the ‘Animation’ industry? The mix of African art, culture and the wealth of actors and characters should give Africa the edge in this market too. Yet from all research we are still up and coming. With exception of a few companies from countries like South Africa and Kenya currently building a reputation on an international scale, a lot of effort and work has been put in from many small and passionate companies all over the African continent with only the internet as their display. Many are struggling to be acknowledged in their own society. My admiration is for the creators of ‘Pokou Princess Ashanti’ a 3D animation by Ivorian animators. They have worked hard to build awareness of their work in their society and it was released in various cinemas in Côte d’ivore. Other independent artists are making political satire, music and there is a lot of talk about various TV series that have aired abroad and some yet to be featured, triggering some excitement to the genre. Animators work hard with limited funds and resources churning all their artistic flare while crowds are waiting to be wowed by the next big thing.

Promotion and distribution are aimed to build a bridge between the people and the industry. Potential for demand is there in Africa,but it is a relatively new terrain for the industry. The success normally starts in Europe or America to then go back to Africa. The aim is to reverse this trend. The monetary expense and time are all but a small part of the story. The tough part for a promoter in this field, is to be received with scepticism by both animators and distributors alike.

African Animal Adventures on Safari

If you ever get the chance to go on an African Safari, you should grab the opportunity with both hands. Africa is breathtakingly beautiful and has an untouched natural beauty that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The lack of development meant that much if Africa’s wildlife and natural scenery has remained untouched for thousands of years.

Obviously Africa has lot of amazing sites to visit, but it’s the Safaris that is most intriguing to travelers. When you say Safari, it’s the animals that come to mind and getting up close and personal with these magnificent creatures is indeed a scary and exciting adventure.

The Big Five refers to the 5 kings of the Savannah – the 5 biggest animals and they are the Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Leopard and Wildebeest. Seeing the Big Five is somewhat of a “hobby” amongst travelers and many people spend days following herds to see how these fascinating creatures live.

Seeing lions hunt on the African Savannah is both exhilarating and unlike anything you’ve seen before. Most safari operators come with expert guides that now where to go and look for certain animals. Many of the guarantee that you’ll see the Big Five while others specialize in nighttime excisions.

Africa is one of the best places in the world for birdwatchers and many of the African lakes have an abundance of rare species that are thriving. The pink flamingo’s on Kenya’s lakes are famous the world over and seeing these birds take off into the African sunset is a sight to behold – even if you are not into bird watching.

Arguably the most exciting animal adventure on an African Safari is the annual Wildebeest migration. Its been referred to as “the 7th wonder of the natural world”. Every year 1 million wildebeest make their 1,800 mile journey across the savannah and there’s always plenty of action with lions and other predators trying to cash in on a free meal.